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Host Johnny – Creative Designer and Game Master extraodinaire, John provides his insights on what he has learned in his time designing games for BrainWave Games as well what his favorite games are.

Host Chris – Product Manager for BrainWave Games, Chris provides input on the the games currently in BWG’s pipeline as well as an outlook at the world of game manufacturing.

Episode 16 – Review Round-Up – Oh those enigmatic IP Games! The BrainCast

Welcome back listeners! On today's episode, Johnny takes a deep dive into IP games. He looks at what makes them so interesting and unappealing at the same time, if knock-offs are as good as the real thing, and if its worth the hassle to work within the confines of a IP license for your game or just stick to your original design.  (Sorry for the delay between this episode and the last one, personal responsibilities came up and we both have had to adjust our schedule accordingly. But that is behind us now and we should be able to drop episodes more frequently!) 
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