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Host Johnny – Creative Designer and Game Master extraodinaire, John provides his insights on what he has learned in his time designing games for BrainWave Games as well what his favorite games are.

Host Chris – Product Manager for BrainWave Games, Chris provides input on the the games currently in BWG’s pipeline as well as an outlook at the world of game manufacturing.

Episode 20 – Game Analysis of "Starship Captains" The BrainCast

This week Chris and John of Brainwave Games tackle one of their favorite genre of games: Science Fiction! In this episode, the brothers take a look at the board game Starship Captains, a 2-4 player adventure where you are in command of a vessel that warps through the galaxy, engaging in adventures and fighting off space pirates. And for all of those Star Trek fans, this has a certain familiar feel to it! Mechanics, art, and gameplay are some of the topics that Chris and Johnny get into so stick around and enjoy their rambling musings on this delightful game. BrainWave Games website: Instagram: BrainWaveGames Newsletter sign-up: Newsletter
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