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Host Johnny – Creative Designer and Game Master extraodinaire, John provides his insights on what he has learned in his time designing games for BrainWave Games as well what his favorite games are.

Host Chris – Product Manager for BrainWave Games, Chris provides input on the the games currently in BWG’s pipeline as well as an outlook at the world of game manufacturing.

Episode 15 – Opinion – IP games vs Non-IP Games, which is better? The BrainCast

Join Chris and John from BrainWave Games as they discuss IP (Intellectual Property) games vs Non-IP games, what are IP games in general, if Non-IP games are at a disadvantage, and whether you should invest your money and time in some of the more interesting IP games out there or stick with the traditional but exciting Non-IP games. Stay tuned and hope you enjoy! 
  1. Episode 15 – Opinion – IP games vs Non-IP Games, which is better?
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  5. Episode 11 – Opinion – Is 2-4 the magic number for players?
  6. Episode 10 – Game Review of "It's A Wonderful World"
  7. Episode 9 – Game Review of "Lords of Waterdeep"
  8. Episode 8 – Opinion "Whose Shelf Is It Anyways?"
  9. Episode 7 – BBBG#3 Deckbuilding and Card drafting
  10. Episode 6 – Game Review of "King of Tokyo"

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