Escape from A Dying Planet

Run For Your Life!

Escape from a Dying Planet is a winner take all push your luck game where you are what remains of an archeological team escaping from a collapsing planet. However, part of the condition of getting to the planet was only one life boat, controlled by the corporation and they’re only letting one person in: the one who has acquired the most treasure!

Players: 2-8

Timeframe: 10-30 minutes

Difficulty: Lightweight Push Your Luck

Who Knew A Planet Could Blow Up So Fast?

The Planetary Development Corporation knows a thing or two about terraforming dead rocks and definitely knows more than that when it comes to a dead rock exploding from the inside out. At least, that’s what we thought.

Our instruments detected instabilities all over the planet but we’ve done this a thousand times before. We were the elite. The best of the best. So sure that we weren’t in danger that we brought along the cook to whip up some fine alien grub after a hard day of exploring and cataloguing ruins that were scheduled for demolition.

Character Cards

First it was storms. Then it was quakes. Then it was everything else. Then, a message comes in, straight from the PDC: we weren’t the elite. We were the expendables. But not to worry, they said! There was an authorized PDC-ESC (Planetary Development Corporation Emergency Survival Craft) that they can launch from orbit to collect one of us. The lucky winner? The one who scavenged the most treasure from the planet, of course.

In Escape from a Dying Planet, you can choose between one of eight different characters in order to try and overcome challenges that block your path. Challenges include raging volcanoes, carnivorous plants and dangerous storms. Each player then chooses how many cards to play from their hand. Whomever has the highest value can add the Challenge to their deck for a one time use card.

Challenge Cards

Treasure Cards

Game too easy? Escape includes Escalation mode, which includes Escalation cards that make your escape more difficult!

Got a higher player count game going? Feel free to add the Supply Kit cards to make sure more people have a higher chance of escaping!

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