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Host Johnny – Creative Designer and Game Master extraodinaire, John provides his insights on what he has learned in his time designing games for BrainWave Games as well what his favorite games are.

Host Chris – Product Manager for BrainWave Games, Chris provides input on the the games currently in BWG’s pipeline as well as an outlook at the world of game manufacturing.

Episode 21 – Opinion on Player Interaction in Board Games The BrainCast

Welcome back to the BrainCast! In this episode, John and Chris from Brainwave Games take a look at player interaction and how best it fits into games. Interestingly enough, when they hear the term "player interaction", these guys think of two different things! Listen to what they think on player interaction from a mechanic and emotional standpoint but also how best to try and plan for its incorporation into a board game design. As always enjoy the episode and happy gaming! Don't forget to checkout our Kickstarter coming out on April 25th! Here is a link to our Kickstarter (preview) Page. Can't wait for y'all to enjoy! Check us out on BrainWave Games website: Follow us on: Instagram: BrainWaveGames Sign up for our Newsletter: Newsletter
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