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Monster Mash Grand Prix

It’s Alive!

Welcome to the Monster Dome, a self enclosed town where mad scientists put together monsters and race them around different tracks! Don’t get too attached to your monster however, as traps, tricks and obstacles will drain your monster of energy. That’s no problem, though. Just build a new one and get back in the race! Be the first to cross the finish line and win!

Players: 2-5

Timeframe: 90-120 minutes

Difficulty: Medium Worker Placement/Racing

A New Meaning for the term Patchwork…

It is time for the annual Monster Mash Grand Prix! Once a year, mad scientists descend upon the Monster Dome in order to compete in a grand race using only monsters that they put together. They snag parts from different stores, like Helga’s House of Heads or Barry’s Body Boudoir and bring them to life using arc energy from the reactor. Once it’s alive, it heads to the race track.

Board Designs

Be careful though, as your opponents will no doubt be sending monsters to the track quickly and may be armed with tricks and traps to throw you off and knock your monster out of commission. Once that happens, you have to build a new one quick to get back on the track!

Character Sketches

In Monster Mash Grand Prix, you have the option to choose Single Track mode, where you race around a track and the first one to cross wins or you could go into Grand Prix mode and race all 4 tracks and gain points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd and whomever has the most points at the end wins!

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